Our Virtual office solution service in Birmingham is an ideal choice for all those who need to give their business professional appearance. With our virtual office address you will get a High Street location in the heart of Birmingham. Even if you are based in London or Manchester you can use this to your geographical advantage and have a presence in different cities in UK.

So, how much do I pay in total for having a Virtual office address service in Birmingham?

In total you will pay £29.99 per month and that includes your registered business address with Companies House. This also covers your professional business address, mail forwarding, handling plus more. You can also choose to collect your mail and we will hold it for you.

Where is Birmingham Virtual Office Located?

We are located on a Birmingham High Street in the close proximity of Spaghetti Junction and half way between Sutton Coldfield and Bull Ring Shopping Centre. The area of Birmingham is called Erdington and it is home to St Barnabas church as well as lively High Street and a number of well established businesses.

Who else uses your services?

There are a number of different businesses that use our Birmingham Virtual Address Service and they range from I.T. service businesses, marketing agencies and estate agents to sales companies.

Why did they choose Birmingham Virtual Office as their provider?

The answer to that is very simple. It is because we are the cheapest provider of virtual office services in Birmingham and wider. We only charge a fixed fee of £29.99 per month and that is all you pay, there is no VAT added on. We do not believe that anyone should pay over the odds for Virtual Office Service.

How long is my contract for?

Your contract is only for 30 days because we don’t believe that there should be long term contracts.

What does my Birmingham Virtual office include?

If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0121 405 4405 or email info@birminghamvirtualoffice.com